Saint-Gobain Glass in China

Saint-Gobain Glass manufactures environmentally friendly glass for a range of applications.

As one of the world's leading flat glass manufacturers, Saint-Gobain Glass has been manufacturing innovative glass solutions for the global markets.


Saint-Gobain Glass has been presented in China since 1994. It has been operating in a range of energy saving low emissivity coated glass for Chinese construction market. SGG was the first officially to open the temperable single silver low-e glass in China, and to achieve the temperable double silver ranges SGG COOL-LITE SKN II series in 2008 as well.


In China, clear glass, tinted glass and coated glass produced by Saint Gobain are in line with international quality standard of SAINT GOBAIN, and all the products are qualified with the technical & quality criterion not only in European but also in China.

Our Mission
Dedicating in our commitment to sustainable development, we provide advaced glass fasade solution in terms of energy saving to Chinese market. By the significant investment from the Saitn-Gobain Group, Saint-Gobain Glass China has been in a leading position in Low-E glass manufacturing sector.


At a glance:

• Present in Chinese market, 1994

• First launch temperable single silver low-e "Planitherm" in China, 2004

• First launch temperable double silver "SGG COOL-LITE SKN II" in China, 2008

• First launch temperable super greysish low-e "KII" in China, 2013

• Saint-Gobain launches its first temperable pure grey double silver SKGrey 148II in China, 2014