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Saint-Gobain, as a high quality glass supplier, provides quality products for urban landmark buildings, large exhibition venues and super high-rise buildings etc. around the world. Saint-Gobain its high-performance coating is outstanding in energy-saving performance and ideal for processing, and is in the top flight of the sector. Saint-Gobain has presently applied the stable and mature coating technology in the Extra View series products. The products have been further upgraded in visible light transmittance, showing a remarkable visual effect, crystal-clear and translucent nature, with noble texture. Besides, the products enjoy a preeminent energy-saving effect on the whole. They have provided more flexibility for designers in designing buildings and curtain walls, and are suitable for external curtain walling or roof skylight, etc.


  • Aesthetics feeling: Natural external appearance, with vivid color rendering performance and higher visible light transmittance, and perfect representation of architectural design innovation.
  • Super safety: SGG Extra View series products have provided high-level safety protection and are applicable to external glass curtain wall of high-rise building.
  • Effective energy saving: Thanks to the great thermal-insulating performance of SGG ’s coating, which helps to improve the whole energy efficiency for the buildings. 


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