SGG Extra View 52


SGG Extra View 52, the high performance offline curved temperable double silver coating on extra clear glass. It has proper level of light transmittance, with the neutral greyish appearance. Its high-performance coating is outstanding in energy-saving performance and ideal for processing, Saint-Gobain has presently applied the stable and mature coating technology in the Extra View series Extra View 52 product, which further upgraded in its visible light transmittance, showing a remarkable visual effect, crystal-clear and translucent nature appearance. Besides, the product enjoys a preeminent energy-saving effect on the whole.


SGG Extra View 52 is a solar control glass, being well balanced at the proper light transmittance with a good performance of solar factor, which blocks up to 70% of solar heat by reflecting it to the outside. It can be for use in commercial buildings alike, either for façades or overhead glazing, especially for those buildings which good solar control property is required.


Comfort in all seasons!

In summer, thanks to Extra View 52’s excellent solar factor, it can block much direct heat from the sun, more environmentally-friendly cooling solution with less need for costly air-conditioning or blinds.

In winter, Extra View 52 double glazing provides more heat insulation than standard double glazing , Excellent thermal insulation to reduce the need for internal heating during colder months.



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