SGG Extra View 79


SGG Extra View 79 is high transmission range of high performance low-emissivity products, coated on extra clear glass, with neutral appearance. Maximizing entry of natural daylight to make best use of living and working areas, it creates indoor bright.

SGG Extra View 79, its high-performance coating is outstanding in energy-saving performance and ideal for processing, Saint-Gobain has presently applied the stable and mature coating technology in the Extra View series SGG Extra View 79 product, which further upgraded in its visible light transmittance, showing a remarkable visual effect, crystal-clear and translucent nature appearance. Besides, the product enjoys a preeminent energy-saving effect on the whole.


The high transmission and great thermal performance allow architects and specifiers to utilise large areas of glazing and create bright, and especially is ideal suitable for application in north regions of China.


Once assembled in a double-glazed unit, SGG Extra View 79 offers the excellent thermal insulation.

  • Money savings in all climates.
  • Great comfort level:
  • No cold area around windows
  • Maximal use of living areas
  • Great reduction of condensation levels on the inner pane.
  • High light transmission.
  • Large architectural possibilities (very neutral appearance).
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the CO² emission reduction.